International Dance Competition

Freitag, 8. März 2019 to Samstag, 9. März 2019
Rosenthal Theater
Hohenberger Str. 9
95100 Selb

International dance competition for children and jung dance students up to the age of 25 years.

Friday and Saturday, 8 - 9 March 2019
Rosenthal Theater in Selb, Germany

On Friday all classes mini and children will compete.
On Saturday all classes juniors and adults will compete.

Closing date for registration: 27 December 2018
All registration must be done by E-mail. Please, order entry forms.


  • B - Classical Ballet
  • N - National Dance
  • M - Modern and Contemporary dance
  • W - Jazz and Show Dance
  • H - Hip Hop (group dances only)

Age categories

  • Mini - 9 years and younger (no repertoire permitted in any Mini age class)
  • K - Children, 13 years and younger
  • J - Juniors, 17 years and younger
  • A - Adults, 25 years and younger

Number of competitors in one dance

  • S - Solo
  • D - Duet or Trio
  • Q - Quartet (in ballet only)
  • Gs - small group with up to 10 dancers
  • Gl - large group with 11 or more dancers

Time limit

  • Mini solo and duet / trio: 2 Minuten
  • Children solo and duet / Trio: 2 minutes
  • Mini and children small group: 2:30 minutes
  • Mini and children large group: 3 minutes
  • Juniors and adults solo: 2 minutes
  • Juniors and adults duet / trio:2:30 minutes
  • Juniors and adults small group: 3:00 minutes
  • Juniors and adults large group: 3:30 minutes

Classes available

MiniSB - Mini solo ballet (no repertoire permitted in any mini age class)
MiniSBm - Mini solo ballet boys (no repertoire permitted in any mini age class)
MiniSN - Mini solo national dance
MiniSM - Mini solo modern and contemporary
MiniSW - Mini solo jazz and show dance
MiniSWm - Mini solo boys any modern style
MiniDB - Mini duet / trio ballet
MiniDN - Mini duet / trio national dance
MiniDM - Mini duet / trio modern
MiniDW - Mini duet / trio jazz or show dance
MiniGsB - Mini small group ballet
MiniGlB - Mini large group ballet
MiniGsN - Mini small group national dance
MiniGlN - large group national dance
MiniGsM - Mini small group modern
MiniGlM - Mini large group modern
MiniGsW - Mini small group Jazz or show dance
MiniGlW - Mini large group Jazz or show dance
MiniGH - Mini group Hip Hop

All these classes are available for children, juniors and adults. Just replace "mini" with the letter for K - children, J - Juniors, A - adults.

In the ballet solo classes we have these additional classes:

KSB - children solo ballet age 10 - 12 only
KSPB - children solo ballet on point age 12 - 13 years
KSPBR - children solo ballet on point age 12 - 13 years repertoire

JSB - junior solo ballet, free choreography of the teacher
JSBR - junior solo ballet, repertoire

ASB - adult solo ballet, free choreography of the teacher
ASBR - adult solo ballet, repertoire

Rules and regulations of this international dance competition

  1. Participants
    All nationalities are welcome. This competition is for amateurs only. Professional dancers or dance teachers who earn their income mainly through dance are not permitted to perform as dancers. Entries must be submitted by the principal of the dance school / club / assiciation.

  2. Age
    A competitor's age is taken on 1 January of the year in which the competition takes place.
    In duets, trios, quartets, small and large groups the age of the oldest competitir will deterine the class age category.
    The maximum age of competitors is 25 years. In large groups only a maximum of two competitors are allowed to be older than 25 years.
    In all solo classes competitors must dance in the class for their age.

  1. Registration
    We have official registration forms which may be downloaded. Registration can only be accepted when having been submitted through the official registration form.
    By registering the competitor agrees that videos and photos may be taken of him and may be published in any media.
    The registration fee is published on the website.

  2. Restriction in Participation
    Soloists may perform a maximum of two solo dances only, and these solo dances must be in different styles of dance.
    In duets, trios and quartets a dancer may perform once only within a certain class. For example a dancer may perform in JDM and in JDB but not twice in JDB.
    Dancers may perform in multiple small and large groups.

  3. Point shoes for girls
    Dancers under the age of 12 years are NOT permitted to wear point shoes in any circumstances.
    Points shoes are not allowed in any children's classes with the exception of KSPB and KSPBR.
    If a dancer age 12 or 13 years wants to perform in point shoes in a duet, trio or group dance then she must perform in the junior age class. However at least one of the other dancers must be age 14 or older.
    In the junor and adult age class in the genre “Ballet” all soloists and all girls in duets or trios must wear point shoes. In quartets and groups it is recommended that at least some of the dancers wear point shoes.

  4. Time Limit
    Maximum time limit is strict. However a dance may be shorter. A dance that is too long will be disqualified. The precise list of time limit you find on the top.

  5. Music
    Any style of music is permitted as long as it fits to the style of the dance. However if music contains swearing or offensive languge the dance may be disqualified. All music must be brought on audio CD (not mpe!) with one title on the CD only.

  6. Judging
    Three international judges will judge. Points are given to every dance the maximum score is 100 points.
    The following judging criteria will be applied. A maximum of 20 points may be achieved in each.
    A) Technical level of the dance
    B) Quality in executing the dance and the showing harmony in the group
    C) Artistic interpretation and musicality of the dancers
    D) Choreographic variety including suitability to the dancers
    E) Expression and personality of the dancers ind entertainment value of the performance
    The decision of the judging panel is final and cannot be changed, there will be no discussions.

  7. Stage
    The competition takes place in the Rosenthal Theatre in Selb. The stage is 8,5 m wide and 9 m deep. Entry from both sides is possible.

  8. Admission to the theatre
    All participans and 1 teacher per 10 dances have free admission to the theatre and to the back stage area.
    All spectators may buy entry ticked in the theatre.

  9. Stage Rehearsals
    If time permits we will provide short stage rehearsals for the dancers prior to their competition. The schools will be informed accordingly.

  10. Costumes
    In all classes costumes of free choice may be worn. The costumes shall underline the style of the dance and have to be age apropriate. Specially expensive costumes have not influence on the scoring.

  11. Entry fee
    Solo: € 25,- per dance
    Duet / trio: € 18,- per dancer in a dance
    Quartets and groups: € 15,- per dancer in a dance
    Entry fees have to be paid together with the registration. The entry fee is not refundable in case a candidate does not perform.
    Bank details: Ballettfoerderkreis Muenchen e.V.
    IBAN: DE86 7002 0270 0035 9000 39. SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDEMMXXX
    Please, write name of school, town and country.

  12. Insurance
    No insurarnces are included in the entry fees. All dancers perform at their own risks. BFKM is not responsible for any injuries that may occur to any person including a participant, teacher or audience member whilst in the theatre, dressing room, back stage or on stag or anywhere else.

  13. Props and condition of performance
    Special lighting effects are not permitted for any performance. No mive props can be used. No liquids or any other substances are allowd on stadge at any time, this includes blbbles, water or other substances that may affect the stage. No confetti or any item that requires the stage to be cleaned / swept may be used during the performance.
    Props must be simple and be able to be carried in stage by the competitors.
    BFKM will not be responsible for the savekeeping of any props.
    BFKM will not be responsible for any injuries/accidents to a competitor / teacher whilst transferring a prop on or off stage and in or out of the backstage area. All props are used at the risk of the dancer and teacher.

  14. Video and Photo
    When registering the dancers and teachers give permission that video and photo may be taken fron their dance and may be shown in any media. The teachers and dancers do not claim any money for this permission.
    Private fiming is NOT permitted throughout the competition.

  15. Classes
    The classes available are shown on the top. The organising committee has the right to join two classes together or to split large classes depending on the number of entries.